Tommaso Frazzano

Software developer


I'm a software developer based in Italy. I've always been passionate about computers and programming.
In 2022 I completed a two-year course on virtual and augmented reality.
The development environment I mainly use is Unity.

I mainly use the Unity engine to make softwares like 3D configurators, educational games and mobile applications

In addition to unity I also use others C# platforms and frameworks such as Windows Form, Xamarin and .NET MAUI


Using Unity I can make Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality experiences for various devices


Grapher 3D - 2023

A software to create animated graphs and render them into videos.

Character Poser - 2022

One of the first projects I made while learning Unity. It's a tool to create reference poses for artist. It's open source and available on Github and

Tilenet - 2022

A free to play Android game inspired by Tetris where the player has to connect tiles to score points.

Kenshi - 2022

A VR game made in team during an AR/VR course. I worked on the code, 3D and Unity in general.

Labyrinth - 2021

A first person horror game made in team during an AR/VR course. I mainly worked on the code.


I started learning javascript and the three.js library to make 3D content on the web.

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